Mocking the Internet with the Internet

Sooooo ….

Here’s a filmmaker who is using the Internet to crowdfund a documentary about how the Internet is destroying music.

Anyone else see the humor here? (Credit Bob Lefsetz for sharing.)

Obviously, web technology is causing a tectonic shift in the cultural goods industries. There will be many losers, and some winners. The music industry has taken a big hit. Similar transformations have happened in the publishing industry, and the film industry is ripe for upheaval (if it has not already started). However, we can lament the arrival of the Internet — a completely unproductive exercise tantamount to saddle-makers trying to stop production of the automobile — or we can innovate.

My money is on innovation. Every time.

The true winner is not going to be the musician, writer, or filmmaker who figures out how to win one last battle against the Internet. The true winner is going to be the entrepreneur who figures out how use the Internet to transform these industries for the good of the artist. You don’t see it? Someone will, and you’re going to want to know that person.


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