Cord-Cutters: Aereo

Attention Cord-Cutters: Aereo is what you have been waiting for … at least some of what you’ve been waiting for.

Aereo provides users with access to an antenna and cloud storage space located somewhere in a data center in your city. While you’re in your city, you can watch television from a web-enabled, Aereo-supported device, such as your iPhone, iPad, or through your Roku using the Aereo app. As a Roku, iPhone, and iPad owner, Aereo’s arrival in my life came like Christmas Day.

Since Aereo includes cloud storage, you can operate live television just like having a DVR. You can pause, rewind, and then fast forward, as well as record your favorite programs on a schedule. The only issue I’ve had so far is that if you are watching another program on Roku when one of your programs is due to record, you’ll miss recording your scheduled program. It would be nice if the app warned me. It also might be user error. That is always a possibility. But it’s a small hiccup with an otherwise awesome service. I could also spend 4 bucks more a month and get a second antenna to deal with that problem, which isn’t bad considering the service is normally only 8 bucks.

8 bucks. That’s what we’re paying Hulu for essentially the same service, since we mainly use Hulu to watch network shows. Now we don’t have to wait a day and sit through Hulu commercials.

Aereo makes it a little bit easier to cut the cord on cable and have a radically different experience with the television medium.

Now if only ESPN made their app available as a straight, streaming subscription that didn’t require a cable entanglement. If only …


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