I don’t want to like your Facebook page

UPDATE 6-27-2012: A wise friend brought it to my attention that the tone of this blog post might lead some to believe that I don’t care about my friend’s Facebook postings or Business Pages. That was not my intent, and I apologize if anyone was offended. In re-reading it, I realize my tone was perhaps a bit too snarky for my own good. I think I fell into the trap of trying to generate interest using controversy, of which I have never been a fan. My intent was to help people understand that the old marketing attitude, More is Better, does not necessarily translate to social media, especially where “Likes” are concerned.

Here’s the original post. I decided to leave it unedited, as I did get some positive feedback. As you read it, just imagine me saying “I’m sorry” over and over in your head:

I’m willing to bet I am not the only person who feels this way. I am not the only person who gets five or ten “Like My FACEBOOK PAGEEEE!” requests every day. Maybe you get fewer. Maybe you get more. But as an active FB user, the space on my wall is precious. I want to see updates from people and entities I care about:

My parents. My close friends. That crazy guy from high school. Whataburger. Blue Bell Ice Cream.

And if I know you, if we’re good friends, then yeah, I care about your business page. But if I “kind of” know you, or I know you well but I am not that interested in the new MLM you just joined, the truth is I am just not that excited about your business page. Or your horror movie. Or your techno/country fusion band.

Before you say, “Wow, what a jerk”, please know that I am trying to help you. How?

My LIKE is not important to you!

Why? Isn’t a successful Facebook page one that has a ton of likes? Actually, no. It’s not. So what is a successful Facebook page?

A successful Facebook page is one that has a ton of interactions. That’s what puts you in your fan’s feed, and that’s what draws legitimate interest to your brand, band, movie, pet, or whatever. Why is my LIKE not important to you? If I don’t have a motorcycle, I don’t need your motorcycle repair service. I’m probably not that interested in the pictures you post, and I’m probably never going to interact and share your stuff. The real estate in my News Feed is valuable. Facebook knows that, and if they see that I really don’t care about motorcycles, their algorithm will actually course correct for me. Even if I “like” your business, if it doesn’t interest me, I’m not going to see your posts (or like them, or share them, etc)

So, as I said before, my LIKE doesn’t matter to you.

You need QUALITY over QUANTITY. So how do you get that? Well, there’s lots of tactics. Independent Film Guru Stacy Parks outlined some for filmmakers in her article, Nobody Wants to ‘Like’ Your Facebook Page (my title looks nicer now, doesn’t it), but I think her strategies can work for anyone.

But what about everyone’s favorite method of clicking that little “share” button on your page, and then highlighting all of your friends? Well, SPAM LORD, I’ve got another idea for you. Why not send a nice message instead? Send something that might actually get some real interest — not random, useless, Likes (like mine), but high quality likes.

In fact here’s one I’ve created for you. Feel free to use it and share it. Or use it as a Mad Lib.

Friends and Family,

I’m excited to tell you about a new venture of which I am an important part. I am [starting/creating/verb] a new [business/campaign/organization/movie/band/album/craft project/commune/manifesto/noun], and I would be delighted if you would take one minute to glance at our Facebook page.

While I know that our [products/services/music/genre/movie/lifestyle/dietary choice/noun] may not interest you, perhaps you know someone who would be interested in what we’re doing. I would be honored if you would share this with those people, but only if you think they would like to hear about us.

Thank you for your help! If there’s anything I can do to help you out, please let me know.


[Your Name]

Now, wouldn’t you much rather get that in your FB inbox than yet another “LIKEEEE MEEEEE” request?


Photo credit: http://www.corvallisadvocate.com/2013/0328-dislike-removing-facebook-photos/


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