Social Media Win: Chipotle

It started with this amazing commercial/web video that screened at the Grammys:

A perfect blend of animation, Willie Nelson, a great Coldplay song, and Chipotle’s message. I loved it when I first saw it and heard it. It’s great because, as the description says, it’s more than a commercial, it’s a short film. So Chipotle is already a social media success just for posting that viral video.

That being said, this morning I tweeted this brilliantly clever quip from my twitter account:

If this was the first thing to come on my computer in the morning, I would eat at @ChipotleTweets every day:

I thought I was being pretty clever. However, within minutes of tweeting this, I got this response back from Chipotle:

@alecteefer I will work on that with my IT guys :-) -Rusty

Game, Set, Match Chipotle. How awesome is that? I didn’t ask for a fast response, but I got one — and a clever one at that. In ten words, Chipotle was able to say to me, “We appreciate your business, we’re not a stuffy corporation, and what you think about us is important.”

I’m a Chipotle fan for life. That’s an effective Social Media strategy.

“But Alec!” you scream. “We’re a small and/or medium sized business! We can’t afford an extensive team of social media experts to patrol the interwebs, responding to every tweet that comes our way!!” I know, I know.

You don’t have to have all that.

Southwest Airlines’s success with social media has been well documented. As I wrote on the Acumen Web Solutions’s blog, Southwest’s social media team is only five people. Five.

Now I don’t know what kind of social media staff Chipotle employs, but it doesn’t take much. Do you have twenty minutes a day, ten in the morning and ten in the evening? Maybe you won’t have an immediate response, but within a few hours is pretty impressive.

Do you have a smart phone? There are tons of apps that will notify you when you have an incoming tweet, and will allow you to respond directly from your phone.

Do you have a teenage employee who wants to be on Twitter and Facebook anyway? Now you can make that wasted time into something productive. “But what if the teenage employee says something bad?” Well, don’t give a bad teenager a job in the first place. If you empower an employee to do something they enjoy, you’ll get results you never expected.

All I’m trying to say is an amazing, timely social media strategy is not impossible, even for a small business. And the results are priceless.

Like I said, I am a Chipotle fan and customer for life. And I’m writing about them now.

Full Disclosure: I am not a Chipotle employee and I am not being given any promotional consideration for writing about them. I am just blown away by everything they do, and this morning’s social media experience made me want to give them some public love. However, if they want to send me free burritos, I will gladly accept them.


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