The Creative Process: Low Pressure System in the Brain

By Alec C. Tefertiller

What does your creative process look like? Everyone has one, whether they realize it or not. No, you may have never written a poem or painted a masterpiece (past the age of 6), but you still have a process for coming up with ideas to help solve the problems you encounter in life.

I believe an essential part of every creative process is Brainstorming, or as I like to call it, letting your mind go crazy destroying preconceived notions, and then finding gems in the aftermath.

Here’s a few tips for successful brainstorming:

  • Write every idea down, even the bad ones. Remember that plate tectonics was once a crackpot idea. It’s now science. You never know when your crazy, off-the-wall, brain-flatulence turns out to be the right idea
  • If you can, brainstorm with a friend. Sometimes your best idea is an offshoot of someone else’s best idea.
  • Leave no stone unturned. Outflank your problem. Once you think you have a good solution, hold onto it, but attack it from yet another angle. The best idea will reveal itself pretty quickly.

So what happens after a good brainstorm? A simple idea — in this case an image of someone turning on an amp in close-up — grows into something like this:


Photo credit: By Tatyana Zabanova (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


One thought on “The Creative Process: Low Pressure System in the Brain

  1. Alec Tefertiller. I have just successfully cyberstalked you. I had no idea about the new site! Love the new vid. Well done.

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