3 Ways to Save Your Business Cash with Web Video

By Alec C. Tefertiller

Here’s three simple, creative ways web video can save your business time and money:

1. Save money on advertising using Web Video vs. TV Commercials

Television is still arguably the most powerful advertising medium, but the age of DVRs and the internet are threatening that. While the cost of producing a high-quality, well-executed web video may not be drastically less than a television commercial, you have to remember that producing a television commercial is just the beginning. You have to pay every time that commercial airs, and that can add up quickly.

The cost of producing a web promotion, and then positioning it on social media outlets is far less than that of a traditional television commercial, and you reach a more highly targeted audience.

A viral video is shared by an audience who has engaged your content. You watch things your friends share with you, and you are more likely to interact with the content yourself because it has come from someone in one of your social circles.

With television, it’s like spreading your message with a bull horn in a shopping mall. Only a small percentage of those listening will be interested in your business, and everyone else will either ignore you, or be annoyed by you. The difference between the bull horn and television approach is that with television, you are paying to annoy people!

2. Web Video can be used as an effective Support Tool

I met a business owner last week who has cut his support inquiries in half by creating simple support videos and posting them on YouTube. Yes, that’s correct: In Half.  By creating a decent sized arsenal of short, how-to videos for his products, his clients can now learn for themselves.

He used to have two people working almost full-time responding to support questions. He now has one person working part-time answering requests, and most answers involve simply sending a link to a video.

An up-front investment to create support videos has saved him thousands of dollars a month.

3. The perfect Product Demo available 24/7

How much do you spend on travel? Even if you are only driving across town for a product or service demo, the time you spend in your car is time lost. A thirty minute, on-location product demo can cut two hours our of your day, and that’s not including presentations you make out of town.

What happens when your demo doesn’t go as planned? Even a great product can have technical difficulties. Sometimes you’re sick. Often times meetings get cancelled.

With web video, you can make the perfect product demo every time, anytime, anywhere, across the planet. An effective product demo can make a cold or warm lead a hot lead. Putting your best foot forward on the web will maximize the time — and money — you spend interacting with future clients.


Photo Credit: By Armand Galard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


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